T26 Agricultural Spraying Drone

  1. One button take-off and landing

  2. Low-power and pesticide shortage alarm

  3. AB point auto working

  4. Record the break point, resume back to spray at the break point

  5. Obstacle detecting and terrain following

Aircraft Frame

Numbers of the rotor6
Aircraft size(without propeller)2000×2000×790mm
Folded size1200×1100×790mm
Tank capacity25L
Airshiping box size:900x1140x1090mm
Max take off weight63KG
Battery capacity22000mAh 14S
Remote controller battery capacity10000mAh
Motor spec.9616   110kv  3411

Flight Parameters

Work frequency2.4GHz
Operational Distance(without Obstacles)1KM-3KM
Spray fly speed3-10m/s(can be adjusted freely)
Hovering accuracyLevel:±0.8,Verical:0.5m
No-load hovering time24min
Full-load hovering time10min
Flight mode optionsManual mode/Work mode/GPS mode
Recommended flight temperature0-50°

Spray System

Nozzle qty8
Spraying width4-6m
Spraying efficiency25acres/h
Average spray efficienty3-4acres/each time on full charge
Working height3-4m
Spraying flow rate8L/min

Functional advantage

1. Automatic spraying in AB point mode

2. Record the medicine break point, realize continuous spraying at the break point, and spray immediately after leaving, saving medicine amount

3. Voltage return alarm, safer flight

4. GPS hovering, simple operation