C50 Agricultural Spraying Drone

Unlimited power

Agricultural drone applications

SINOCHIP Agricultural Drone have been widely used for crop protection, mosquito control, and public disinfection. 

--Plantations: rice, corn, sugar cane, soybean, flower, coffee, vegetables, fruit trees. 

--Chemical use: liquid pesticide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, fungicide, insecticides, etc. 

Agricultural Drone adopts low volume technology, the pesticide droplet diameter is only 130~200um, has better atomization and penetration effect, save 90% water and 20% pesticides use.

--High Efficiency: One drone can cover 60~80 hectares field per day. 

Compared with plane, tractor and hand-held sprayers, drone sprayer is more efficient, reduce water & pesticides use, has less drift, keep people save and away from heat-stroke and chemical poisoning.

Advantages of our drone

Shenzhen Top-Peak Electronics Co.,Ltd. 

● Leading & professional Agricultural Drone solution provider 

● 11 years of R&D experience & professional teams 

● Sinochip provides OEM/ODM services for agriculture drones

● 300 units per month output 

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SINOCHIP agriculture spaying drone features

-- One button take-off and landing

-- Low-power and pesticide shortage alarm

-- AB point auto working

-- Record the break point, resume back to spray at the break point

-- Obstacle detecting and terrain following

Wrap-around folding design

-- 4 rotors design which is more stable and firm during spray woking,  

-- Wrap-around folding design can keep transportation convenient and space saving. 

-- The aircraft frame is made of carbon fiber material, which is lightweight and durable enough.

Radar system

-- Advanced radar system is capable of detecting both day and night operating conditions without exposure to light or dust. 

-- The level of flight safety has been improved with front collision avoidance and a 100° horizontal field of view (FOV)

-- The drone detects the angle of the surface and automatically adapts to it even when operating in mountainous terrain.

Dynamical System

Hover Time

No load Hovering Time40min (18S 30000mah 32KG)
Full load Hovering Time10min (18S 30000mah 88KG)

Battery System

18S 30000mahWeight:17.5KG


Input VoltageAC110-240V/380V
Max Charge Current90A
Maximum Charging Power7200W

Basic parameters

Symmetrical Motor2170mm
Tank Volume50L/70LSpowing Device
Spreaded Size1711*1341*700mm
Folded Size1010*760*780mm
Whole Unit Weight(Battery Included)38KG
Empty Weight (Without Tank Battery)18.6KG
Maximum Take-off Weight93KG
Max Flight Speed12m/s

Spraying System

Nozzle Quantity8 Pressure Nozzles / 2 Centrifugal Nozzles
Spraying Flow Rate10L/min(Max)
Spraying Width(Depending On Height)4-9m